ARA-40 LED Light Bar, 4-ft, Full-Spectrum Horticulture Grow Lamp

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 Data Sheet

 Sphere Test Report

ARA-40 is full-spectrum LED light bar featuring a hybrid of broad-spectrum Samsung LM301B diodes with Cree XP-E Deep-Red 660nm supplementation. The result is a high-performance 120W light for veg and flowering.

Comes with brackets for easy hanging or mounting to a rail. Space multiple bars 8-10 inches apart and get exceptionally even light distribution across a large area.

For the 2-ft version see: ARA-20


Specification Value
Power 120W
Voltage 52V
Current 2.3A
PPF 298 μmol/s
PPF Efficacy 2.54 μmol/J
CCT 3600K
CRI 92
Dimensions (mm) 1154 x 50 x 20.5 mm
Wire Length (mm) 623 mm

Compatible drivers

 Number of Lights Recommended Driver
1 Meanwell HLG-120H-54A
2 Meanwell HLG-240H-54A
3 Meanwell HLG-320H-54A
4 Meanwell HLG-480H-54A
5-6 Meanwell HLG-600H-54A

What's the difference between the ARA-40 & ARA-41?

The ARA-41 is the same as the ARA-40 but with a few key differences

  • ARA-41 has the updated Cree XP-E2 660nm red diodes
  • Waterproof design
  • It's the latest iteration of light bars

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Solid quality and great price/performance

Using 10 ARA-40's for my 4x8 room. These things are bright! Super easy and clean design, low profile, and made for a great replacement of my COBs.

Colin Flood
Feel the power

Got two ARA-40 for my 3x5 room and paired them with two HLG boards. The coverage is great and the spread fills all my corners. Unbelievable power in a great package and very easy to set up. I will definitely be getting two more bars.

This bar is a beast!

I got my best yield so far with these bars! Don't sleep on these. Great spread and the intensity is unbelievable!

Awesome strip!

I have been keen to try this strip ever since I saw it was in development.

I've had the light for a little over a month in my 4 x 4 space with 2 of the 288 boards and I can safely say I've noticed a big difference in how vigorous the growth has become from my plants since switching out from my old blurple light.

I can't wait to see the results when flowering and will definitely be picking up a couple more lights in future!

Service and postage

Very pleased to see FedEx on the doorstep first thing, before time I might add and was super delighted to get them in one piece due to the expertly packaged goods.

Thank you, you have impressed me so far, now just have to test them 😁👍