Atreum Lighting LED Board Wiring Guide


This guide details how to wire up the Atreum Lighting LED boards in single- and multi-board configurations. The information below is for design purposes only, and is not a safety guide. Please use proper electrical handling techniques when working with live circuits.

Table of Contents


In general, Atreum boards are designed such that all positive terminals are connected to each other, and all negative terminals are connected to each other. What this means is:

  1. It doesn't matter which (+) or (-) terminal the wiring is connected to.
  2. Daisy-chaining boards by connecting the positive terminal of one board to the positive terminal of the next board connects the boards in a parallel configuration.
  3. Daisy-chaining the boards by connecting the negative terminal of one board to the positive terminal of the next board connects the boards in a series configuration.

Parallel Wiring

Two Boards

Parallel Wiring - 2 Boards

Three Boards

Parallel Wiring - 3 Boards

Four Boards

Parallel Wiring - 4 Boards

Five Boards

Parallel Wiring - 5 Boards

Six Boards

Parallel Wiring - 6 Boards

Series Wiring

The diagram below shows four boards wired in series. Boards can be added or removed as desired.

Series Wiring - 4 Boards


Connecting Power Cord to Meanwell LED Driver Input

We recommend connecting the Power Cord to LED Driver Input using a 2-Way Junction Connector. The corresponding wire colors are detailed in the following table:

 Function Power Cord Wire Colors Meanwell LED Driver Input Wire Colors
Protective Ground Green or Green-Yellow Green or Green-Yellow
Neutral (N) White Blue
Line (L) Black Brown


When tightening down the junction connector screws, ensure the screws are biting on the metal core of the wire.

Power Cord to LED Driver Wiring


LED Module DC Input Wire Colors

 Polarity DC Input Wire Color Alternate Color
Positive (+) Red Brown
Negative (-) Black Blue