ARA-20 LED Light Bar, 2-ft, Full-Spectrum Horticulture Grow Lamp

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 Data Sheet

 Sphere Test Report

ARA-20 is full-spectrum LED light bar featuring a hybrid of broad-spectrum Samsung LM301B diodes with Cree XP-E Deep-Red 660nm supplementation. The result is a high-performance 60W light for veg and flowering.

Comes with brackets for easy hanging or mounting to a rail. Space multiple bars 8-10 inches apart and get exceptionally even light distribution across a large area.

For the 4-ft version see: ARA-40


Specification Value
Power 60W
Voltage 51V
Current 1.15A
PPF 149 μmol/s
PPF Efficacy 2.54 μmol/J
CCT 3600K
CRI 92
Dimensions (mm) 594 x 50 x 20.5 mm
Wire Length (mm) 623 mm

Compatible drivers

 Number of Lights Recommended Driver
1 Meanwell HLG-60H-54A
2 Meanwell HLG-120H-54A
3 Meanwell HLG-185H-54A
4 Meanwell HLG-240H-54A
5 Meanwell HLG-320H-54A
8 Meanwell HLG-480H-54A

Customer Reviews

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justin shawn newhook
best micro green bar around

best light I own and have seen around for the price. even uo until this date. new stuff is coming out but this light still beats everything out. these bars are perfection. so good at growing micro greens fast!! and growing medicinal plants extremely well and the spectrum is perfect for terpy tight buds.

Best value LM301B bars with 660 reds

Id recommend using a laser temp gun to measure the LST to get best height from canopy. I have 2' ARA-20 powered by a 120H-54B which works out great.

With proper air flow and I have the 2x 2' ARA-20 in a 2x2 tent. I have these 6" away from my canopy without LST exceeding 82 F. I'd save up for the 4' bars, 2 of those would work out great for a 2x4 space.

You'll need a 3 - 5 WAGO221 connect for the 22 awg wire for a heads up.

Super bright

I got today 2 of these bars, and I was pleasantly surprised, how bright and well made is this product. I think is the best solution around to build a DIY growing light fixture. I'm running them with HLG120h-54 for about 2h now and they are barely warm. Definity I will order more.