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288.2, Sphere Testing -

We sent one of our Atreum 288.2 kits to Light Laboratory in Anaheim, CA for sphere testing, and the results are back. Here are the highlights.  Total PPF 298 µmol/s Total Lumens 21275.64 Input Power 124.58 W Luminous Efficacy 170.78 lm/W PPF Efficacy 2.39 µmol/J  You can find the entire report here: Atreum 288.2 Sphere Test Report The Atreum 288.2 board uses 288 of the latest-generation Samsung LM301B diodes. We are pleased with the results as the efficiency of 2.39 µmol/J ranks the 288.2 among the most power-efficient luminaires available today. If you are interested in learning more about integrating sphere...

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