Atreum 288.2 Sphere Test Report

288.2, Sphere Testing -

Atreum 288.2 Sphere Test Report

We sent one of our Atreum 288.2 kits to Light Laboratory in Anaheim, CA for sphere testing, and the results are back. Here are the highlights.

 Total PPF 298 µmol/s
Total Lumens 21275.64
Input Power 124.58 W
Luminous Efficacy 170.78 lm/W
PPF Efficacy 2.39 µmol/J

 You can find the entire report here: Atreum 288.2 Sphere Test Report

The Atreum 288.2 board uses 288 of the latest-generation Samsung LM301B diodes. We are pleased with the results as the efficiency of 2.39 µmol/J ranks the 288.2 among the most power-efficient luminaires available today.

If you are interested in learning more about integrating sphere testing, the Wikipedia article is a good place to start: Integrating Sphere