Waterproof Coating on the Atreum Lighting HYDRA-1000

Waterproof Coating on the Atreum Lighting HYDRA-1000

Recently, there was a little bit of confusion as to whether the Atreum Lighting HYDRA-1000 LED Grow light has a waterproof coating. So, we wanted to clarify and provide some additional details.

The HYDRA-1000 does have a waterproof coating applied over the panel. We use a much thinner type of coating (a "nano-coating" in marketing-speak) as compared to the thicker coatings found on other lights. The advantage of this thinner coating is less light loss through the coating layer and thus improves the efficiency of the whole system.

The thinner coating is harder to visually see, but we've thoroughly tested this coating to ensure it performs to our standards.

This nano-coating is just another one of the small details we've optimized in creating the HYDRA-1000.


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