Updates For 2022 - Supply Chains & New Products

Updates For 2022 - Supply Chains & New Products

2021 has no doubt been a challenging year for everyone. Every time the world seemed to be making progress, an unexpected event reminds us that we aren't in the clear yet. Despite that, the team at Atreum are optimistic for the year ahead of us.

As many of you have noticed, the Black Friday / Cyber Monday season has cleared out much of our inventory. We understand it has caused some frustration and confusion, but after considering a variety of factors (mainly due to the supply chain issues), we've decided to push back on restocking these for now and focus our resources on launching some exciting lighting solutions in the coming weeks and months.

The popular HYDRA-1000 (for our Canadian friends: order on Amazon.ca) is still available and ready to ship.

We're excited to share what we've been working on soon - stay tuned!

Finally, a sincere thank-you to everyone who has supported this journey so far. Best wishes for a safe and happy holidays to you and your loved ones.