Atreum Strips Preview

Atreum Strips Preview

We've been busy the past couple weeks getting designs finalized, components manufactured, and assembly under way. Our goal here is to simplify strip builds, and I'm super excited to share a couple highlights of the design:

  • Comes in 4-ft and 2-ft versions (1154mm and 594mm, to be exact)

  • 4-ft version is rated at 120W (2.3A @ 52V), 2-ft version is 60W (1.15A @ 52V). These are matched for the Meanwell HLG-120H-54 and HLG-60H-54, respectively.

  • The spectrum is 4000K + 660nm deep-red supplementation. CRI is 90+. The light output is gorgeous!

  • Custom-extruded heatsink, matched to the strip. By custom, I mean we did the thermal analysis, designed the profile, made an extrusion die, and machined in all mounting holes. We also include brackets to hang each strip individually, or mount to a rail.

  • Comes pre-assembled with a 2-foot pigtail, ready to plug and play
  • Pre-orders opening soon

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback!

Now a couple photos: