ARA-6 LED Light Bar Fixture - 600W

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ARA-6 is a high-performance, full-cycle LED light fixture featuring a hybrid of broad-spectrum Samsung LM301B diodes and deep-red 660nm supplementation. The result is a high-performance fixture for commercial horticulture applications.

ARA-6 is suitable for vertical racks, trays, or tents, and comes with brackets for hanging. Spacing bars 8-10 inches apart creates exceptionally even light distribution across a large area.


  • 6x ARA-41 LED Light Bar
  • ARA Frame 970mm
  • Meanwell 600W LED Driver
  • External Dimmer
  • Adjustable Rope Hangers


Specification Value
Power 600W
AC Voltage Input 90 - 305 VAC
PPF 1490 μmol/s
PPF Efficacy 2.54 μmol/J
CCT 3600K
CRI 92
Dimensions (LWH)

1155 x 970 x 30 mm

45.5 x 38.2 x 1.2 in

Coverage For Flowering  4' x 4'
Coverage For Vegetation  6' x 6'

Customer Reviews

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The Phantom
Be ready for amazing growth!

I received my light at the end of December 2020 and it has exceeded my expectations at every step. The light came in discret packaging so my nosey neighbors had no clue what I had ordered. The assembly of the light was quick and easy, taking only a short time until it was lighting up my grow. I live in a legal state to grow my own recreational marijuana and this light has been a game changer and a step up from my previous "Quantum Board" LED lights and HPS lights. I've been able to increase my plant nutrient levels because of the intensity of this light to the point where supplemental CO2 is now an option that can be added to my garden to boost my yields, THC, and terpenes, creating superb product. Jason and the folks at Atreum have been their to answer all my questions along the way. I could not recommend this light enough, for any type of grow and grower. It will give you stellar results.

Oh and the best thing of all, it is a bar style light that distributes the light across the canopy so evenly you forget what dark spots look like. It is unbelievable how even the light is across my canopy, AMAZING!

You won't regret it, I only regret waiting so long to get it!