HYDRA-1000 LED Grow Light, 100W

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Our 100W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is perfect for 2X2 Ft grow areas.  With proprietary, algorithmically spaced LEDs, our light has reduced hotspot and higher yields than traditional LED Grow Lights.


  • HIGH EFFICIENCY LOW OPERATING COSTS: Atreum Lighting uses the latest LEDs for high efficiency output of 2.7umol/J, delivering powerful light output for maximum higher yields compared to HPS, Blurples or other cheap LED lights. VEG: 3x3ft, FLOWERING: 2x2ft
  • UNIFORM CANOPY PENETRATION: Our quantum board is the only board to feature LEDs algorithmically spaced to produce the most uniform PAR map in the industry. This means your canopy will grow more evenly than similar LED boards on the market.
  • FULL SPECTRUM, FULL LIFECYCLE: Our grow light can be used for all stages of a plants growth cycle from seedling through flowering. The dimmable light with an actual wattage draw display is the only one of its kind that ensures you know exactly how much energy you're drawing.
  • REMOTELY MOUNTED CONTROLLER: The driver and controller can be set up off the light, and outside the tent to reduce heat and so as one lowers and raises the grow light, they can consistently reach for the same place to adjust the light whether that be in or outside a grow tent.
  • UNBOX, PLUG & PLAY: The HYDRA 1000 comes ready to use out of the box, no wiring or set up needed. It also comes backed by an unbeatable guarantee. We're a US company and so we stand by our design. Got a question? Just send us on Amazon and we'll respond within 24hrs. We provide ourselves on talking directly to customers.


Included in the Box:

  • HYDRA-1000 LED Grow Light
  • Driver Extension Cable (6-ft)
  • Power Cord (6-ft, NEMA 5-15P)
  • Dimmer Cable for Daisy-Chaining (10-ft)
  • Adjustable Rope Hangers
  • Stainless Steel Wire Hangers

Customer Reviews

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recommend !

pleasantly surprised by the very good quality of the material.

Very effective

More effective than my other 100w led.

John Hays
Flashing between 97 and 98-watts

Flashing between 97 and 98-watts brand new out of the box - not a good feeling...

Excellent Light, Excellent Value

My overall assessment of the HYDRA-1000 is that it is an excellent, well thought out and full-featured light, and very appropriately priced given its capabilities. I’m not one to ever place form anywhere near function, but the HYDRA-1000 is an attractive light, both in terms of the board and the digital dimmer display. Its weight is very low, as well, and being a US-based company actually does matter to me. Having an ON/OFF switch is a nice thing, too.

As for light output and efficiency, Atreum appears to advertise accurately, which is something I find lacking in the industry. I wanted to get the lights into service, so I did only an impromptu PPFD map inside a 22”x22” Mylar enclosure. The numbers from my Apogee MQ-500 essentially match those of Atreum and MANY reviews on YouTube which provide detailed PAR maps and efficiency measurements. Atreum isn’t at all shy about this product, nor should they be. The inclusion of infrared LEDs matches the state of the industry, and this light will easily provide for your desired DLI when used in an appropriately sized grow space. The digital display may read 99-100W when cold, but expect the number to be in the 97-98 range once the diodes reach operating temperature.

The apparent big names in LED grow lighting seem to be advertising reputable and efficient component brands, and Atreum doesn’t fail to keep pace by using Mean Well drivers and Samsung LM301B diodes. The HYDRA-1000 is set apart by the spacing of the diodes. This does away with some of the useless center hot spot and weak corner/edge issues, and I find that to be particularly useful when striking the balance between hanging height and average PPFD in a 2’x4’ tent with two 100W-range quantum boards. Having the very accurate and fully adjustable dimming feature reduces the amount of height adjustment required for this purpose, especially when multiple lights are linked.

The extension cable for the driver and dimmer allows those items to be kept outside of the enclosure, and it’s long enough to be useful. In addition to helping with heat management, it allows the wonderful dimmer display and control to be placed in reach and in view. I’m rather enthusiastic about this feature. With two 4” fans for air circulation at plant level, and the duct fan replacing the volume of air in the 2’x4’ tent roughly every 60 seconds, the remote temperature/humidity monitor shows a 3 to 4 degree F difference between the tent interior below the lights and the outside room temperature. The back of the boards themselves run at about 120 degrees F under these conditions.

The ability to link multiple lights to function under a single controller is a great capability. This may be an even more important feature if you’re leaving the drivers mounted on the boards, but accessibility is still improved by having the option. The linking process is intuitive, and you retain the modularity of the system if you really need to run the lights separately.

As food for thought, I’m running some 4’ LED sticks on a shelf which provide a maximum PPFD of 300 at 12” in a 5x42W (~$85 purchase price) configuration for a nominal draw of 210W. I have an array of 4’ sticks at 20W (~$30 purchase price) each in a 6x20W configuration giving almost 100 PPFD at 12” in exchange for a 120W draw. You’d have to guess as to the nature of the spectrum, but neither provide infrared. If you spend even a moment crunching the numbers for measured efficiency, PPFD mapping, output adjustability and the resulting power draw, and the relative price point of these “cheap” lights and the HYDRA-1000, you’ll quickly find that the combination of overall capability, portability, adjustability and efficiency of the HYDRA-1000 really narrows the gap (or more than eliminates the gap) between cost and value when considering the nature of particular lighting solutions.

Though I don’t personally consider it a necessary feature here, the HYDRA-1000 doesn’t support daisy chaining for electrical power. This shouldn’t be much of a consideration for small quantum boards in the 100W category due to their intended application, and the absence of this feature is covered by the use of a properly configured extension cord, timer or inexpensive adapter. I also wouldn’t want the price point or form factor to be altered in order to provide this capability. That’s my only “con” in the face of a litany of “pros.” I find the HYDRA-1000 to be a great product, and I have four more on the way.


I cant begin to say how I appreciate a company finally taking that leap guys, i must say since I have received my HYDRA 1000 my grow has literally exploded thanks guys haven't gotten free gift yet though cant quite figure it out