HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W
HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W

HYDRA-3200 LED Grow Light, 320W


The HYDRA-3200 320W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is perfect for 2x4-ft to 3x5-ft grow areas. Proprietary, algorithmically-spaced LEDs reduces hotspots for superior uniformity and results in higher yields than traditional LED grow lights.

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      320W Full-Spectrum Power

      Full-cycle Growth

      2.7 umol/J

       High Power, High Efficiency

      Algorithmically-Space LEDs

      Superior Uniformity

      Digital OLED Display

      Precision Control

      Daisy-Chain Dimming

      Control up to 50 lights

      5-Year Warranty

      Trusted since 2017

      Full Spectrum for Optimized yields

      Our full spectrum output is optimized for full-cycle plant growth from seedling through flowering. A custom blend of LEDs are balanced with Deep Red 660nm diodes for improved photosynthetic efficiency.

      Edge-to-Edge Light Coverage

      Our unique algorithmically-spaced LED design reduces hotspots and creates an extremely even light distribution across the canopy.

      Precise Digital Dimming Control

      Our proprietary controller features a beautiful OLED display to precisely control your light output.


      Mount the power supply and controller outside of your grow area to remove heat, or place them in a convenient location for easy access.

      HYDRA-3200 PAR Maps



      par maps

      Tests conducted in 2'x4' (61cm x 122cm) tent with reflective mylar walls. Each square represents a 6in x 6in (15cm x 15cm) area, and measurements are recorded at the center of each square area.


      HYDRA-3200 LED Fixture

      Power Cable

      DC Extension Cable

      Stainless Steel Cable Hangers

      RJ11 Cable

      Adjustable Rope Hangers

      Product Spec

      Power320W (+/- 5%)
      Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF)850 umol/s
      Input VoltageAC 110V - 277V
      DIODE COUNT1136
      DIMMINGBuilt in Controller, 10% - 100%
      External inputs 0-10V, PWM Signal, Resistance
      Rated Lifetime>50,000 Hours
      Warranty5 Year

      Product Documentation

      Spec SheetDOWNLOAD
      User ManualDOWNLOAD
      Sphere Test ReportDOWNLOAD


      Customer Reviews

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 87 reviews
      Love this light

      This light has been outstanding for its price. The light is very bright, so the dimmer has been a great feature. The passive cooling has kept the light fairly cool to the touch without any noisy fans, which is great! I've been using the light as supplemental lighting for some tropical houseplants but I'm looking forward to getting it in a tent soon.

      The General
      Great grow light for a larger operation!

      I have been wanting to get a bigger grow light for my indoor pepper grow and this was the perfect solution at the cost.

      Maria E.
      This is the brightest light I own.

      It's possible this light appears brighter because it has a large surface area. The plants love it, and so do I because it feels like more light is shining on them due to the larger surface area. I have a quantum board but this one just seems much nicer. The dimming feature seems very cool. My current plants are in flower so I have it at 100% but I'm looking forward to adjusting it for my future seedlings. It comes with everything you need in the box. I'm so excited about this light, I think I might get another one because I believe it's a really good value. I definitely recommend.

      Peter S.
      Very nice light for the money

      This is a very nice grow light and has solid components. It's dimmable and foldable and can be daisy-chained. It's perfect for my 3x5 grow tent. The construction is very solid. I also did several temperature readings and the heat dissipation is great. The photon efficiency is also very good, I tested it with my quantum sensor from Apogee instruments. For the money, this is a great light!

      Impressed with the quality

      I've recently installed this light in a 2X4 grow tent within the last month to supplement an existing grow light with COB style LEDs. This light appears to be very well built and uses the current and more energy efficient LED lights. It has a high quality driver with adjustable voltage dimmer control. The light was well packaged and looks to be manufactured well. This light also has an optimal coverage. So far good experience and would recommend as a good value purchase based on equivalent lights of this type from other vendors.

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