HYDRA-1000 LED Grow Light, 100W

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Our 100W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is perfect for 2X2 Ft grow areas.  With proprietary, algorithmically spaced LEDs, our light has reduced hotspot and higher yields than traditional LED Grow Lights.


  • HIGH EFFICIENCY LOW OPERATING COSTS: Atreum Lighting uses the latest LEDs for high efficiency output of 2.7umol/J, delivering powerful light output for maximum higher yields compared to HPS, Blurples or other cheap LED lights. VEG: 3x3ft, FLOWERING: 2x2ft
  • UNIFORM CANOPY PENETRATION: Our quantum board is the only board to feature LEDs algorithmically spaced to produce the most uniform PAR map in the industry. This means your canopy will grow more evenly than similar LED boards on the market.
  • FULL SPECTRUM, FULL LIFECYCLE: Our grow light can be used for all stages of a plants growth cycle from seedling through flowering. The dimmable light with an actual wattage draw display is the only one of its kind that ensures you know exactly how much energy you're drawing.
  • REMOTELY MOUNTED CONTROLLER: The driver and controller can be set up off the light, and outside the tent to reduce heat and so as one lowers and raises the grow light, they can consistently reach for the same place to adjust the light whether that be in or outside a grow tent.
  • UNBOX, PLUG & PLAY: The HYDRA 1000 comes ready to use out of the box, no wiring or set up needed. It also comes backed by an unbeatable guarantee. We're a US company and so we stand by our design. Got a question? Just send us on Amazon and we'll respond within 24hrs. We provide ourselves on talking directly to customers.


Included in the Box:

  • HYDRA-1000 LED Grow Light
  • Driver Extension Cable (6-ft)
  • Power Cord (6-ft, NEMA 5-15P)
  • Dimmer Cable for Daisy-Chaining (10-ft)
  • Adjustable Rope Hangers
  • Stainless Steel Wire Hangers

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
LOVE these lights!!!

Super easy to use and they work great! I just ordered 2 more for a total of 4 in my 4x4 tent. Time to flower!

Jonathan Finlay
Incredible light. Great service. You cannot go wrong.

Atreum has obviously put lots of thought into this product. Clearly designed to be plug and play - all you need to do is hang them up and plug them in. Connect any number of lights together- for a 2 x 2 space or a warehouse grow. Spin the dial for your desired light output. It makes every other light Ive used look obsolete.

Overall general impressions are nothing but good. I first heard of Atreum back in 2018 in online cannabis forums. Theyve built a great name for themselves online in a hyper-competitive (and confusing) market. After seeing these lights, and doing a bit of back and forth emailing with them, I can see why.

The product is stunning and the rep I talked to was right there, super helpful and 100% engaged in the product.

Wicked Powerful Light

This light is awesome! You can add on more lights to it and control them with 1 dimmer and they even come with the cords to do it, no special purchase! The dimmer display is a life saver and the parts are second to none. Get this light now you won't regret it.

Perfect light for my 2'x2' growspace!

I've been growing in a relatively small space for a couple of years now, using a cheap $80.00 grow light which was
not only noisy, but it produced an excessive amount of heat in the small (2'x2'x44") space . I decided to try something new, and the Atreum Hydra-1000 is exactly what I hoped it would be!
I received the light last week, and immediately put it to use...
It came very well packed in an unmarked box (inside an amazon box)... Besides the light in the box, there were 3 stainless steel cables for hanging the light (you only need 2, they include an extra!), 2 adjustable ratchet hangers for adjusting the height of the light, a cable for daisy-chaining the control boxes together on multiple lights, a 6foot power cord, easy to follow directions, and a 6' cable for mounting the controls remotely (either inside or outside the growspace)
Very high quality stuff, from the light itself, to the included accessories- Atreum has done all they can to make sure this light does a great job for you!
I knew when I ordered the Hydra 1000, that I'd be mounting the control box and Meanwell driver remotely,
because I've only got 40 inches of headroom in there- with my old cheap light, the light itself reduced the headroom to 37"- but the Atreum light with the controls remotely mounted, allows me to use the whole 40"-
the light itself is, amazingly, only 3/32" thick, and passively cooled so there are no fans to collect dust and make noise-
Here's where the 6' remote cable comes in- I wanted to mount the controls where they were accessible, but out of the way, so they went into the lower right front corner of my grow box.(see pic)
The dimmer feature is a very nice touch- I'm running mine at 60watts at the moment, and I'll increase output as needed when flowering begins.
The LED's are Samsung LM301B's- super efficient, and they'll last for years- they're also the reason that this light
performs as well as an inexpensive light with twice the wattage- this thing is incredibly bright, and my plants are loving it so far!

And the LED's are also not set in the usual grid configuration- they are actually spaced closer together at the edges of the light - this assures that the light is almost as intense around the "edges" as it is in the middle of the space-and it also eliminates "hotspots" in the center of the light- no one else does that- I think Atreum is really on to something with this change in configuration.
Sorry I got a little long-winded here, but there really is a lot to say about this light- and none of it is bad!
I definitely recommend this light to anyone growing in a not-so-big space- It will grow great herb start-to-finish in a 2'x2' space, or do a great job vegging your plants in a 3'x3' space- all while only drawing 100 watts from the wall- there just isn't any downside!
Happy Growing!

Awesome grow light just in time for 420!!!

This is an awesome light, not some cheap knock-off. Quality LED diodes and driver, the heat sink is thick even with the cooler running diodes. You won't have any heat issues with this light. My plant loves it and I can't wait to expand on with a couple more lights using the daisy chain feature. I can have a light over each of my plants so I can grow some monster medical marijuana plants. The package came super discrete and well packaged. It took all of 30 seconds to plug in the power cord and have it hanging in my tent. A super bonus is they include the daisy chain cords so when you do want to add on more lights you're not spending $15 on a cord for each light, you already have it included! The dimmer display is very handy, you know how bright your lights are without having to buy some fancy light meter. Within a few mins of being under this light my plant had its leaves pointed up and praying to its new shiny god. Buy this light now because when 4/20 rolls around everyone is going to be buying one. This thing is super bright and will definitely leave you with some dense nugs. Another cool thing with using multiple of these lights you can have a light directly over each plant unlike the popular QBs that are assembled close to each other and aren't capable of giving you a good spread of light, these lights give you the benefit of being able to move them around but still operate off the same dimmer. I'm already checking out the Atreum ARA-6 on their site for another room. I forgot to mention the Atreum Care you get with the light. It's always good to have a company back up their product if something happens. Nothing like a light problem in a middle of a grow and a company in a foreign country trying to send you parts and pieces to fix it yourself while your plants are going to crap and it takes 6 weeks for the parts to show up. With the Atreum Care I don't have to worry one bit about that.