Meanwell HLG-480H-C1750 LED Driver, 480W

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Meanwell HLG-480H-C series is a 480W AC/DC LED driver featuring the dual mode constant voltage and constant current output. HLG-480H-C operates from 90 – 305VAC and offers models with different rated current ranging between 1400mA and 3500mA. Thanks to the high efficiency up to 95% and the fanless design, the entire series is able to operate for -40 ~ +90C case temperature under free air convection. The design of metal housing and IP67/IP65 ingress protection level allows this series to fit both indoor and outdoor applications. HLG-480H is equipped with various function options, such as dimming methodologies, so as to provide the optimal design flexibility for LED lighting system.

HLG-480H-C1750A has an onboard potentiometer for current adjustment.

HLG-480H-C1750B has leads to attach a potentiometer for adjustment.

Part No: HLG-480H-C1750A
RoHS: Yes
Input Voltage Range: 90 to 305, 127 to 431 VAC|VDC
Type: Constant Current
Input/Output Type: AC/DC
Maximum Output Power: 480 W
Maximum Output Current: 1.75A (1,750mA)
Termination Style: Wire Leads
Output Voltage Range: 137 to 274 VDC
Dimension: 262 x 125 x 43.8 mm